Below you'll find a spreadsheet containing most of the pickleball paddles I have tested, but not all.

This is meant to give you guys a full perspective of all the paddles I review and test, all in one spot, even quicker than I can get the full reviews out on the site within the pickleball paddle reviews section.

Don't forget I also have our Paddle Selector Quiz that can help you find the best paddle specifically for you and your game, but this chart will hopefully allow you to come to that conclusion on your own as well.

That said, I do want to tell you guys a little bit about what you'll find below within the full chart:

Paddle Types:

  • Power: These paddles are firm and usually more poppy as well. They will be supply you with strong drives and put away power, but sometimes at the expense of control.
  • Control: Where the power paddles are firm and sometimes stiff, the control paddles are plush and soft. These paddles are great for a soft game, but you will need to supply the power, as these won't create it for you.
  • All Arounder: The all around paddles don't necessary excel at any specific point, and are more-so Jack Of All Trades, master of none. Most will have a decent mix of both power and control.

My Personal Ranks:

  • S: These stand out above the rest. They are the top paddles on the market.
  • A: These are some of the best paddles on the market, just missing the mark by a small amount, but still amazing options.
  • B: These are good paddles, they just aren't currently the best picks within the current competition.
  • C: These are generally not strong options among the paddle market. 
  • D: You probably won't find these on my list, but they unfortunately do exist.

Paddle Shapes:

  • Elongated: Elongated paddle dimensions are generally 16.5" length and 7.5" width. The 16.5" length is the minimum length to be considered elongated. These paddles are great for reach, spin and power, but they do sometimes come at the expense of some control and overall forgiveness.
  • Wide Body: A wide body paddle, also referred to as a Standard shape, has wider dimensions, usually 8" in width and a short 15.5-16" length. These paddles are generally the kind of control, with their forgiving wide shape and sweet spot. They have less reach and sometimes a little less power, but come with a feel of having much more touch and control.
  • Hybrid: A Hybrid paddle is a mix of the two, often coming in close to an elongated length, but with a lower swing weight and slightly less length. The hybrid shaped paddles are great for keeping the power of the elongated paddle, while offering a more forgiving feel.

Coupon Codes:

  • THESLICE: Almost all of the paddles you'll find below can be discounted with code "THESLICE" for a range of $10-20 or 10-15% off.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why don't you use specific RPM scores? RPMs taken by paddle reviewers are GREAT for giving us a range, but I often find that players find these numbers far too important. When I say a "range", I mean a range. The amount of variation among testers should show that human error and the specific paddle can give a wide "range" of RPM score. That's why I prefer to use Very High, High, Medium and Low rankings when it comes to Spin. This allows you to still see which paddles really stand out in that category, without putting too much weight into a specific score, that can be highly variable.
  • Which are you favorite paddles? My favorite paddles are generally going to be the ones that have an "S Tier" rank.
  • Are the S-Tier paddles the most expensive ones...? Nope. Definitely not. Actually, two of them are S Tier specifically because of how good they are at such a low price.


You can click into any specific paddle and to expand the information and learn more about the ratings, rankings and stats.

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