The Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips

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The Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips

When I first started playing pickleball I didn't even know what overgrip was, hadn't not come from a tennis background at all. 

We don't overgrip our baseball bats or barbells (my only background is baseball and weightlifting).

I saw players using different grips, especially when I was watching the pros play or as I was beginning to play at higher levels and was immediately wondering: Why would I use an overgrip in pickleball?

I soon learned that I would want to overgrip my paddles not only to keep them nice and fresh (overgripping right when I get them in the mail), but also to change the grip to one I was used to and preferred above others, for specific reasons.

I have now tried a ton of different grips while testing paddles (if you didn't know, I also have a full section dedicated to pickleball paddle reviews, so I swing and test a lot of paddles - which has also allowed me to test a lot of the best pickleball overgrips).

You may not find these exact grips on the paddles you see inside the Pro Pickleball Player Paddle Database, but I'll make specific mention to the ones that do stand out as being loved by many pro players out there.

But let's take a second to discuss what overgrips actually do for you...

What Does A Pickleball Overgrip Do?

  1. Enhances Your Grip: Overgrips generally provide a tacky surface that will help with your control and finesse - so changing it out as it's being worn overtime helps to keep that control.
  2. Stick To Your Preference And Comfort: Some base grips are great, but I personally prefer to stick with one specific type of grip and then use it on all of my paddles. This allows me to get used to one and know what I'm getting going into my match.
  3. Absorbs Moisture/Sweat: This one is key for me being that I play in Florida and I'm constantly sweating. This allows me to keep good control over my paddle no matter how wet and gross the handle gets.
  4. Keeps Your Base Grip Fresh: A lot of players love to be able to trade, sell and/or swap paddles with other players to demo and get a feel for other paddles and throwing on an overgrip as soon as you get a new paddle in will make sure the base grip stays nice and fresh. No one likes a gross grip.
  5. Thickness Customization: I personally prefer thinner grips. There are some paddles that come with a 4.125 while others might come in at 4.25, so that's something I immediately make note of - but the overgrip will also potentially add a layer of thickness to your grip - so you'll need to be aware of that.

There are other things that a pickleball overgrip can do, like vibration dampening and overall shock absorption, so all in all, once you're obsessed with pickleball like the rest of us, you're likely going to want to become accustomed to overgripping your paddles with your preferred grip.

That said, I'm curious: do you already use a pickleball paddle overgrip? 

Which have you tried? What is your preferred overgrip?

The Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips

The Best Pickleball Paddle Overgrips

The Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips

Number One: Tourna Original (Light Blue) Dry Feel Grip

The Best For Hot & Humid Weather To Deter Sweat (The Best Pickleball Paddle Overgrip For Sweaty Hands)

The Top Five Pickleball Overgrip - Tourna

The Pros

Amazing for Hot and Humid Weather

The Best Grip I've Used For Sweat

Patented Light Blue Is Awesome

Doesn't Make Your Grip Thicker

The Choice Of A LOT Of Pro Players

The Cons

Might Not Be The Like Tacky Grip You're Used To Playing With

Playing down in Central Florida, the Tourna Original Dry Feel Grip has been my savior.

Instead of hoping that tacky grip will become more tacky when I sweat, the OG Tourna Grip (patented light blue color you'll see on tennis rackets and pickleball paddles everywhere) grooves into your handle, absorbing the sweat and almost hugging your grip to allow you to continue playing with no interference.

I personally have this on every single paddle I use now being that I prefer playing outdoors and regardless of when you play in Florida it's extremely hot, but there are a handful of other grips that I've tried out that I have liked as well - and quite a few that a lot of the players I play with prefer that I'll want to make mention to as well.

After all, it's going to come down to your personal preference when you choose your grip.

The Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips

Number Two: Gamma Sports "Tac" Overgrip

The Best All Around (Price, Light, Tacky and Aesthetic Option)

Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips - Gamma

The Pros

Moisture Wicking

Tacky But Still Thin and Light

Colorful Aesthetic Options

Great Price Point

Shock Resistant

The Cons

You May Prefer Their "Dri" Feel (Which Gamma Makes), In Which Case I Prefer Tourna

Coming in at number two among our top five best pickleball paddle overgrips are the Gamma overgrips that come in both tac feel and dri feel.

I personally prefer their tac feel as it comes in super light and thin, which is what I like about the Tourna grip, but I actually prefer the tac option when it comes to Gamma.

Gamma also has a super inexpensive price point for their three packs, and some awesome colorful options (if that's your thing); though, of course, they also have their plain white and black as well.

The Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips

Number Three: Prolite No-Sweat Diamond Grip

The Next Best Overall Choice For People Who Don't Prefer The Tourna Dry Feel Or Normal "Tacky" Feel

Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips - Prolite Diamond

The Pros

Great For Sweaty Hands

Non-Tacky/Dy Typical Option - Diamond Grip

Decent White and Black Aesthetic

The Cons

Much Higher Price Point

I Prefer Tacky Or Tourna Dry (OG)

Next up on our list of the top five pickleball paddle overgrips is Prolite's No-Sweat Diamond Grip.

This one comes in as a really good alternative if you don't necessarily love the first two options of dry from Tourna's original patented blue grip or Gamma's tac grip.

A lot of players swear by this one if the other two wasn't the perfect match for them, so if you try those out and you're still looking for the one for you - this just might be worth giving a shot.

The price is a bit higher, but it's super durable and has worked wonders for some players.

The Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips

Number Four: Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

The Best For Players Who Prefer A "Leathery" Feel Over The Cloth (Tourna) or Tacky (Gamma)

The Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips - Yonex

The Pros

Leathery Grip Feel

Tacky and Still Good For Sweat

Shock Absorption

Multiple Color Options Available

A Bit Thicker Than Tourna/Gamma

The Cons

None...As Long As You Prefer The Leather & Thicker Feel

Coming in at number four among our top five pickleball paddle overgrips are the Yonex Super Grap Grips that come in with more of a leathery feel.

I personally liked the feeling of the Yonex grip, but it did make it feel ever so slightly thicker, which is why I prefer Tourna and Gamma.

That said, if you like a little added thickness over your grip, and you want more of a leather-like feel rather than the cloth-like feel you'll get from Tourna, then this might be a great option for you.

You will still get a bit of tack from this one, but it'll really come down to the feel you personally prefer - and I know a lot of players who swear by Yonex.

The Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips

Number Five: Hesacore Tour Grip

The Best For Players Who Want A Slip-On Option

Top Ten Pickleball Paddle Overgrip - Hesacore

The Pros

Slips On Over Your Grip

Shock & Vibration Absorption

Increased Grip Strength

Still Decent For Sweaty Hands

The Cons

Definitely A Much Different Feel Than You Will Normally Be Used To Playing With

Much More Expensive

The last option on our list of the best pickleball paddle overgrips is one that you may not have expected to see here.

And, you would be right in thinking that you'd definitely never see me playing with this (although I have tested it for the sake of this list), but some players do love it.

It could be the right option for you, and I won't knock it, I would just personally prefer a slew of other options.

I play with a group of players that tried this out and a couple of them now refuse to play with anything else, so maybe you're one of those players that end up liking it.

I would say to give the other options a try and if all else fails you can go with this one!

The Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips

The Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips - Recap:

  • Tourna Original Dry Feel Grip (Light Blue)
  • Gamma Sports "Tac" Overgrip
  • Prolite No-Sweat Diamond Grip
  • Yonex Super Grap Overgrip
  • Hesacore Tour Grip

There's a grip for everyone, and it will really come down to your personal preference and a bit of testing.

All of these grips are really made with sweat/moisture resistance in mind, and most will also help with shock absorption, and the obvious: overall control and feel.

To recap some things that may help with your choice: the Tourna grip will feel more like cloth that grabs your handle to resist the sweat/moisture while the Gamma will come in a bit more tacky, though thin - and the Prolite and Yonex will have a more thick and leather-like feel, while the Prolite obviously differs with it's diamond cuts.

Have you tested any of the overgrips on our list?

What is your personal preference when it comes to pickleball paddle overgrips? 

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The Top Five Pickleball Paddle Overgrips

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