The top ten pickleball paddles for intermediate players come from a wide range of different companies, and come in all different shapes and sizes. At the end of the day it’s still going to come down to the best paddle style for you, so I’m also going to be breaking down all different styles and

Top Five Pickleball Paddles For Intermediate Players

Some people will call power players who only like to smash the ball “bangers”, but I know tons of players who play an extremely effective aggressive game by using a power paddle. So for this list I’m going to be breaking down the top five pickleball paddles for power – combing through all different categories

The Top Five Power Paddles in Pickleball

The Hudef Apex Pro has made it onto my S-Tier Category among paddles on our Paddle Stats Spreadsheet because of the price point it comes in at while being such an incredible option for players looking for a solid control paddle. On top of that, it also made it onto a handful of our paddle

Hudef Apex Pro Paddle Review [Power, Control, Spin, Specs]

The Six Zero Double Black Diamond [Control] paddle is one of the most sought after paddles on the entire market, so the Black Diamond [Power] sometimes gets overlooked. I personally LOVE both paddles. They’re both in my competitive rotation, which only consists of 3-5 paddles at a time (I test and own countless paddles). You

Six Zero Black Diamond Power Pickleball Paddle Review [Power, Control, Spin, Specs]

I love my Ace Spade paddle and the Ace Diamond is the top choice among a ton of pro players (especially for singles) that love a light hard hitting paddle. Now Ace has come out with the Ace Club paddle that is competing with some of the best Gen2 thermoformed paddles on the market, at

Ace Club Pickleball Paddle Review [Power, Control, Spin, Specs]

If you’re a racquet sports enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of both pickleball and tennis. While both games share similarities, they also have distinct differences. One major difference lies in the type of net used. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the contrasts between a pickleball net and a tennis net. The net

From Court to Court: Pickleball Net vs Tennis Net