Ace Spade Pickleball Paddle Review [Power, Control, Spin, Specs]

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Ace Spade Pickleball Paddle Review

I really didn't think I was going to love this paddle.

If I'm being completely honest, I saw Gabe Joseph dominate with the Ace Diamond and read that they were releasing their Ace Club paddle at a super competitive price point, with similar specs to some of the other paddles that I have really loved among my pickleball paddle reviews.

I tend to gravitate towards a Gen2 thermoformed paddle, fairly heavy, albeit with similar specs to the Ace Spade (and Ace Club) when it comes to length, width, handle, and other features aside from the lightweight hand speed of the Spade.

My favorite paddle to date has been the Volair Mach 1 Forza and it has been really hard to make it into my main competitive rotation with the amount of paddles that are extremely similar due to the hyper-competitive paddle market we're currently in.

That said, Ace has found a way to do something different with the Ace Spade paddle.

While they also have their Ace Club Paddle competing with the very best Gen2 thermoformed paddles on the market, at an extremely competitive price, the Ace Spade sticks to their lightweight and elongated design that allows for quick hand speed at the net and a super plush feel all around the court.

I also typically gravitate towards thinner handles, and the Ace Spade comes in at 4.33, which I'll discuss more about in the specs below, and it has me questioning all the things I have come to love about my typical Gen2 paddle. 

I will break it down much more below, but I definitely highly recommend this paddle for anyone who is looking for an elongated paddle with long 5.5" handle that is also extremely lightweight and plush for great control and power when needed.

With Ace offering Slice readers 10% off it makes this paddle more competitive at just $179 when you use code "THESLICE" at checkout.

Ace Spade Paddle Specs

PRICE: $200 ($179 with code THESLICE)


MATERIALS: Raw TORAY T700 Carbon Fiber with Polymer Honeycomb Core

SHAPE: Elongated



WEIGHT: 7.5-7.8 oz

LENGTH: 16.5 in

WIDTH: 7.5 in




Ace Spade Review -

Spec Discussion & Overview:

On the face of it the Ace Spade specs look similar to what we've seen from other paddles; which can be said about nearly any paddles we see come on the market with how competitive it is right now, and all brands looking to make a name for themself.

That said, The Ace Spade doesn't try to be like every other paddle that's competing for a piece of the market.

While it does have it's elongated face, long 5.5" handle, polymer honeycomb core and other specs that we have seen from other paddles - including the raw T700 carbon fiber face that allows it to generate tons of spin - it doesn't try to be a heavy elongated paddle that relies on generating driving power with weight you'll need to know how to control at the net if you want to keep up.

Instead, the Ace Spade comes in at just 7.5-7.8 oz and has an extremely plush feel to it that allows you to pick and choose when you want to use that elongated power and when you want to control the point.

While I do think the Ace Spade is an amazing paddle, I do also recognize that it is perfect for a specific type of player, and may not be everyone's pick (if there was a paddle that was right for every single player, there would be something very wrong with the market).

Ace Spade Review Score Chart

Control 90/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
Power 85/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
Spin 90/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
My Opinion 95/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
Price 85/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100

Ace Spade Review -

Control Review:

Coming from mainly Gen2 paddles, I have grown to get used to the amount of power and pop that comes with them - so the Ace Spade was a nice change.

I would consider the Spade an All Around paddle rather than a Power Paddle or Control Paddle, being that you're capable of generating sufficient power when needed, while also having control at the net, great spin, and good hand speed - but the control and feel of this paddle is definitely one of it's strong spots.

It definitely doesn't look like the typical paddle we see on our list of the best control pickleball paddles, but if you're looking for an elongated option - this one can be a great choice [depending on your specific needs].

The face of the Ace Spade seems to hug the ball while dinking and allows you to do what you want with the ball, including adding great slice and top spin with the great spin rating that comes with it, and the combination of those things with the bonus lightweight and incredible hand speed allows you to fully dominate net play.

Ace Spade Review -

Power Review:

This power may not be a Power Paddle (as I mentioned above, I consider this one an All Around Paddle), but you can easily generate power when needed.

If you need power at the net, it has enough pop to go with the quick hand speed to whip it back at your opponent, and the elongated build of this one also allows for ample power for your drives at the baseline as well.

You aren't going to get as much pop and power as some of the other paddles we've seen that come in with a thermoformed/unibody build, but that can actually be seen as a positive thing for some players - with some Gen2 paddles being considered too poppy and powerful to be controllable.

There are other paddles that come in with a lighter weight that I have needed to add weight to in order to feel like I have enough put-away power at the net, which have led to a hard trial and error period of finding just the right spot to add the weight without the paddles being head heavy or feeling awkward all around, and that was easily avoided with the power that can still be generated by the Ace Spade paddle while keeping it at it's light base weight.

For players who may have elbow or shoulder issues from a heavier paddle that are looking for a fairly powerful elongated paddle that can be kept super light, this may be the paddle you've been waiting for.

Ace Spade Pros And Cons

The Pros

Very Light Swing Weight

Great Packaging and Branding

Amazing Plush Control Feel

Can Generate Power When Needed

Amazing Aesthetic

Great For Hands Battles

The Cons

A Bit Pricey

Ace Spade Review -

Spin Review:

This should come at no surprise, but the Ace Spade paddle provides a great deal of spin - definitely sufficient for every pickleball player that steps on the court.

The raw T700 carbon fiber face combined with the elongated face of this paddle let you put spin with ease.

Regardless of whether you're looking to generate top spin with a powerful serve or drive, or even add some return serve or dinking backhand slice; you won't have any problems.

Now I'm not saying this one feels like it's the new King Of Spin like I said for the Volair Mach 1 Forza, but I am saying that this one easily hangs with the top dawgs.

If you have any issues adding spin with this paddle, then that's on you pal! 😛

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Ace Spade Review -

Price & Personal Opinion:

I personally really enjoy playing with this paddle.

Coming from a wide array of Gen2 paddles that make up the large majority of my competitive rotation, this one was a nice change with it's plush feel combined with still having an elongated face and somehow still having extremely fast hands with it's lightweight build.

Coming in at $200 $179 with code "THESLICE" brings it down into a competitive price range, though it is still above what I'd consider a super competitive price point.

I recommend this paddle because I found it super enjoyable to play with for very specific reasons that I hope I've done a good job laying out throughout the course of this article, but I won't pretend it is coming in a bit pricier than we're used to seeing without bringing any new or competitive technology (like thermoforming and unibody build).

Ace calls this one their "Flagship Carbon-Fiber, All-Around Pickleball Paddle" and I agree with this one wholeheartedly - definitely feeling like this one fits the "All Around Paddle" classification.

Ace Spade Review -

Closing Thoughts:

Hopefully be now you know what you're getting with the Ace Spade pickleball paddle, but if not, I'll do my best to add some more comparisons and breakdowns for you.

With this paddle you are NOT getting a heavy paddle or a Gen2 thermoformed poppy and overly powerful paddle - instead you're getting an extremely well made paddle that provides ample power when needed with it's elongated body and long 5.5" handle, sufficient for two handed backhands, raw carbon fiber face providing tons of spin, and lightweight build allowing you to have quick hands at the net.

But, if that's not a good enough breakdown for you, I'll be a bit more blunt.

Who should by the Ace Spade paddle?

Here are some reasons why you would choose the Ace Spade:

  1. You want an elongated paddle that can provide tons of power and spin when needed, but does not have too much pop that it loses control like some Gen2 thermoformed paddles (this one has a plush feel when dinking, allowing you to turn the power dial on when you need to).
  2. You want a long handle (5.5") that allows you to have great two handed backhands to go with the elongated face giving you plenty of reach all over the court.
  3. You want a paddle that doesn't necessarily come in as a Power Paddle or Control Paddle but rather comes in as an All Around Paddle being that it does everything so well.
  4. You want a paddle that can provide tons of power when you need it but is still very lightweight, allowing you to have extremely quick hands at the net.

If this doesn't sound like something you'd love, then the Ace Spade probably isn't for you.

Like I said above, I'm loving the Ace Spade and it is definitely in my main paddle rotation that I play competitive rec games with and adds a new layer to being able to pick up a more All Around paddle without sacrificing a lot of put away and drive pop and power and still having quick hands and plush control.

Ace Spade Paddle Review Pickleball

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