CRBN Power Series Pickleball Paddle Review

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CRBN Power Series Pickleball Paddle Review

NOTE: CRBN has also released a 3X Model for their Power Series which is a Hybrid Model between the Elongated 1X and Standard 2X, but being that I have not swung with the Hybrid shape I'm not including it within this review.

The CRBN Power Series Pickleball paddles made waves in the paddle industry, immediately known for their insane mix of power and spin with awesome thermoformed technology.

The CRBN Power Series 1X Elongated 14MM paddle is actually my personal preferred paddle for singles, as I generally stick with a 16MM option for doubles play to give myself some extra touch at the net for slower gameplay.

I also always favor the elongated options with paddles, but also have the standard shape to swing with as well being that it's my fiance's preferred style.

The CRBN Control Series 16MM Standard Shape is actually her preferred paddle right out of the bag for singles or doubles, but she has been working to get more control with the CRBN Power Series to take her game up a notch with some powerful drives up to the net.

I have obviously swung more with the 1X, which is the elongated version of the CRBN Power Series, but after playing with both I can say the this review will be great for both in terms of power/pop, spin, control and more - and it really will come down to your preferred shape and handle length when you go to choosing between the 1X, 2X and even 3X model.

If you do go to give it a shot, you an also use code "TheSlice" at checkout for 10% off all CRBN paddles, apparel and accessories.

CRBN Power Series Review - 

Full Paddle Technical Specifications

PRICE: $229 ($206 with code TheSlice)

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MATERIALS: T700 Toray Carbon Fiber Surface with Polymer Core


SHAPE: Elongated and Wide Body

THICKNESS: 16mm or 14mm

SHAPE: 1X Elongated, 2X Standard

WEIGHT: 7.9-8.4 oz

LENGTH: 1X 16.5 in, 2X 15.75 in

WIDTH: 1X 7.25 in, 2X 8 in

GRIP LENGTH: 1X 5.5 in, 2X 4.75 in

GRIP CIRC: 1X 4.25 in, 2X 4.125 in


CRBN Power Series Review - 

Brief Introduction and Discussion (Plus Pros and Cons)

As I mentioned above, CRBN actually now has the 1X, 2X and 3X model for their Power Series, making the selection for shape and handle size pretty damn good for anyone looking to come in and grab their first CRBN Paddle.

That said, I would like to point out that if they're rolling out a 3X model of the Power Series before doing so for their original Control Series, that should tell you something about the popularity it has among the players.

The CRBN Powers are also some of the more durable paddles on the market as you'll see in the pro column below that Chris Olson of Pickleball Studio even tried to break them over his knee and the thermoformed Power Series withstood it with ease.

The pop on these is fairly drastic, and they're amazing for anyone looking to add some power to their game, but you will sacrifice the touch at the net ever so slightly - which I'll discuss more in the specific sections below.

The Pros

Great mix of both Power and Control

Great Spin Capability

Currently one of the most powerful carbon fibers available

Thermoformed Face leads to super durability

Between the three paddles you have great options in terms of shape and handle size.

The Cons

Less control than the original Control Series (though that should be obvious)

You do sacrifice some of your soft game for enhanced power.

One handle length might be too long while the other might be too short. (Also a pro once we factor in all three options)

Will take time to adjust to the pop.

CRBN Power Series Review - 

Control and Feel Review: 8.5/10

I would say one of the only negative comments I have about the CRBN Power Series is that the pop and power on these paddles are just so good they take a while to adjust to and will likely have you losing a little control at the net either way.

If you're opting for the Power Series over the Control Series from CRBN you probably know this going in, so this shouldn't be coming as a shock to you, but it does have to be said.

The pro columns far out-weigh the negative of some pop that you'll need to get used to, and the control is still there and better than a large majority of paddles on the market.

Another thing to point out here is that you will have more control and touch with the 16MM over the 14MM if you are looking to negate that a bit while keeping the pop of the Power Series.

That's one reason why I personally choose to play with a 14MM for singles and 16MM for doubles.

CRBN Power Series Review - 

Power Review: 10/10

You're going to immediately feel the pop off of the Power Series paddles.

There's no doubt about it.

The CRBN 1X is the hardest hitting paddle I have hit with to date, and I've hit with quite a few (including a TON of thermoformed paddles).

The CRBN Power Series is specifically designed, coming off of CRBN's original Control Series, for...power.

When I score these paddles I always mention that I'm basing these numbers on what I personally feel is necessary within a game - so technically for me I would have to rank this higher than a 10/10 being that the power is so high - but playing like that has it's advantages as well.

If you're someone looking to increase the power and drive potential in your game then you're going to want to grab one of The CRBN Power Series paddles and start adjusting to it ASAP.

If you feel like you already have a super strong drive and even really great power at the net to finish the point and are in more need of touch and control from your paddle, then the CRBN Control Series might be a better option for you.

CRBN Power Series Pickleball Paddle Review (4)

CRBN Power Series Review - 

Spin Potential Review: 8.5/10

When I ranked the Joola Hyperion CFS 8/10 for spin potential I gave it a 8/10 being that I have no problem slicing and spinning when and where I want to, and that paddle came in at a spin rating of around 1500 or so.

The CRBN Power Series paddles come in with a spin rating over 1700.

Funny enough I've had people ask the question of whether or not the CRBN Power Series is the Joola Hyperion killer being that the Hyperion has a couple flaws with it's heaviness (and specifically top heaviness as well), where the CRBN Power Series avoids these issues.

The CRBN Power Series also has the advantage of being more durable with it's thermoforming, so if you felt the Hyperion was too heavy or flimsy, then the CRBN Power Series might be taking over in that area for you.

If you're someone who likes to spin and slice, this paddle series will not disappoint. 

CRBN Power Series Review - 

Aesthetic and Personal Opinion: 8/10

I've said this before: I personally like paddles that are as close to all black as you can get, without much flair and branding.

The CRBN Power Series (and CRBN in general) fits that bill perfectly.

If I want to rep my favorite companies (which I do), I wear the performance hats and apparel. I proudly discuss my favorite paddle and show it off after the matches, but I am just personally a fan of a more plain "blacked out" aesthetic.

You can add some white edge guard and it gives it a little pop while keeping he dulled awesome look to it that I personally prefer over other paddles.

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CRBN Power Series Review - 

Everything Else: 6/10

One thing I will make mention to right off the bat is that we don't have a section for price, so I generally like to bring it up here to address where it fits into the market.

At $229 (or $209 after 10% off with code "TheSlice"), it does put it at a higher price tag than other similar paddles on the market, so it does need to fit in our review.

The price tag was actually the only hiccup in Chris Olson's own personal review, even going as far as stating that the CRBN Power Series was one of the best blends of power and control he has ever swung with.

The issue is, it falls right in line with other paddles like Vatic Pro, Ronbus, Six Zero DBD and more - some of which I prefer over the CRBN Power Series - for far less money.

CRBN's original Control Series comes in at a $179 (or $161 with 10% off using code "TheSlice"), but with the additional features needed to make the Power Series the price increased ever so slightly, bringing it into a different category.

CRBN Power Series Review - 

Closing Thoughts: 41/50

Nearing a perfect score the CRBN Power Series are definitely some of the best paddles for a mix of power, control and spin potential on the entire market, and we add in the durability of the thermoforming technology and it makes it that much better.

Add the fact that we get to choose between THREE different shapes of the 1X, 2X and 3X coming in with different handle lengths and sizes (Elongated, Standard and Hybrid) and we really can't ask for much more.

To close out our review of the CRBN Power Series Pickleball Paddles I'll tell remind you a bit about who should and should not be purchasing this paddle...

  • If you're looking to add more power and spin potential to your game at the expense of some touch and control then this is a great option (going with the 14MM adds even more power over the 16MM option, giving up slightly more control with that choice).
  • If you're looking for one of the most durable paddles on the market with thermoforming technology paired with carbon fiber making this one one of the best mixes of power, control and spin on the market, then you'll likely want to go with the CRBN Power Series.
  • If you're someone who struggles with their soft game and popping the ball up to players at the net, hitting out the back of the opposing baseline, and overall control - then you might want to consider the CRBN Control Series or another paddle.
  • If $209-229 is a bit too high of a price tag then you may want to consider going with a less expensive option that has similar performance (though you might lose out on the year warranty, like CRBN offers, so make sure you check for that).

As long as you know all of these things going into your decision you'll be able to make the best one for you as a player.

You can use code "TheSlice" when purchasing any CRBN paddles, apparel and accessories for 10% off.

This does not change the review of this paddle.

CRBN Power Series Paddle Review

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