Prokennex Black Ace Paddle Review [Power, Control, Spin, Specs]

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Prokennex Black Ace Pickleball Paddle Review

I was extremely excited to be able to hit with the Prokennex Black Ace recently, and I was even able to hit with multiple variations of it to compare the different sizes and handle lengths since this one is coming out after the Daniel De La Rosa Edition has released (the white version, with longer handle).

I personally really like these extremely powerful paddles with thinner bodies that have insane pop, and I think they're extremely fun and satisfying to play with (I compare this a bit to the Selkirk Power Air, for example) - but they're just not my preferred paddle overall when I jump into more competitive matches.

That said, my personal favorite paddle is the Volair Mach 1 Forza, and similar paddles that you'll find within my full list of pickleball paddle reviews, as I tend to lean towards thermoformed (Gen2) paddles with high spin rate with a bit of control (not extremely poppy, but still very powerful).

That won't play a factor in how I review this one, and it will come in completely unbiased, but I do make mention to it just so you know what kind of player I am (for example, I also almost always utilize a 16MM paddle, feeling that I can generate power when needed, but prefer the control, especially when it comes to Gen2 paddles that already give plenty of power).

I'll be making direct comparisons to other power paddles I've hit with and the Prokennex Black Ace definitely comes in above a few, while not really stacking up against some others (mainly for control reasons).

Prokennex Black Ace Paddle Specs

PRICE: $250 ($225 with JustPaddles X Slice Partnership)


DIFFERENT VARIATIONS: Pro, Ovation, XF and LG (Long Grip, White)

MATERIALS: T700 Carbon Fiber Face with Prokennex's Patented Kinetic System and Air-O-Guard System 

SHAPE: Elongated



WEIGHT: 7.95

LENGTH: LG & XF: 16.4" - Ovation: 16.1" and Pro: 15.8"

WIDTH: 7.5 in

GRIP LENGTH: LG: 5.6" - XF: 5.1" - Ovation: 5.4" - Pro: 5.3"



Prokennex Black Ace Review -

Spec Discussion & Overview:

Upon release the Prokennex Black Ace made waves and came out with multiple different variations and sizes, and now with the release of the LG (Long Grip) Daniel De La Rosa Edition there are tons to choose from that can fit to your preferred size.

Capable of choosing from 5.1 inch handle all the way up to the new 5.6 inch handle, with incremental jumps depending on which you choose, you should have no problem finding the perfect length for your style of play.

The Prokennex Black Ace, like other Prokennex paddles, also comes with their Patented Kinetic System that reduces vibration by 43% as well as their Air-O-Guard System, which is the first interchangeable edge guard.

The only other specs that really stand out here are the fact that it is only 10mm, which should tell you something about the pop immediately (this is a power paddle), and the light weight, making this one super quick.

It's T700 carbon fiber face provides good spin ratings (though not up their with the highest rankings like the Volair Mach 1 Forza), and it also has a 1 year warranty as well as a 30 day money back guarantee that can come from either JustPaddles (which also gets you 10% off with our partnership using that link) or Prokennex.

The price point is a bit steep compared to a lot of the other paddles that have taken the paddle industry by storm, but thankfully the $25 off that comes with the 10% puts it ever-so-slightly in a better category for us to compare with.

Prokennex Black Ace Review Score Chart

Control 75/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
Power 95/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
Spin 85/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
My Opinion 80/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
Price 70/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100

Prokennex Black Ace Review -

Control Review:

There are some people who think that the maneuverability of this paddle give it a slight edge when it comes to control, but this is definitely not a control power.

This is purely a power paddle with a ton of pop, a very thin core, and great hand speed and maneuverability.

I'm not denying that this paddle is easy to handle. You can flip it around and fling it through the air like you're a damn ninja - but unfortunately that doesn't help with the fact that it has insane pop that you will need to learn to control.

If you're someone that feels like your dinking game doesn't need any help, or you're someone who basically speeds up every ball and likes to drive through your opponent (or both), then you can disregard this and move onto the power section.

This paddle isn't uncontrollable, but it is less controllable than a Gen2 thermoformed paddle that comes in within similar power rankings.

Prokennex Black Ace Review -

Power Review:

This paddle hits hard!

This one comes in as one of the most powerful paddles on the market, up their with the Volair Mach 1 Forza, the Selkirk Power Air, CRBN 1X and some of the other hard hitters.

It also has some insane pop.

What I mean by that is power when it comes to put-away power (overheads, smashes, etc.), and powerful drives - and pop when it comes to how fast the ball comes off the face of the paddle, mainly in volleys on the net and hand battles.

In both areas it feels like this one is shooting the ball out of a cannon; whether you're driving from the baseline or putting away a ball that you don't want coming back.

The main reason you would buy this paddle is for the power that it packs, and the hand speed and maneuverability that comes with it.

If you're not looking for tons of power and pop off the face of the paddle, then this one likely isn't for you.

Prokennex Black Ace Pros And Cons

The Pros

Insane Power

Lightweight and Easily Maneuvered

Decent Spin Potential

Comes In A Few Variations

The Cons

High Price Point

Lacks Control

Extremely Loud

Prokennex Black Ace Review -

Spin Review:

If this review came in a year ago then the Prokennex Black Ace might be getting a much better spin ranking, but unfortunately this one isn't coming in as one of the top dawgs in the spin category.

For example, some other reviewers had RPM rankings for this one ranging from 1450-1650, with top paddles like the Volair Mach 1 Forza having 2100+ RPMs when ranked.

I generally consider anything above 1750 "Very High", so it's not that far off with it's higher rankings, and can provide ample spin, it's just definitely not the new King Of Spin.

If you want to add top spin, slice or any type of movement to the ball you definitely shouldn't have an issue with this paddle, but I do know that a lot of people reading through the reviews prefer the comparison to other top paddles and RPM rankings.

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Prokennex Black Ace Review -

Price & Personal Opinion:

As I mentioned when we first started this review: I had and have a ton of fun playing with this paddle.

My personal preference is the new Daniel De Le Rosa Edition, coming in with it's super fun new look (white and pink), and long handle.

If I had to choose a second option I'd likely go polar opposite and go with the XF shortest handle option because I feel like it has the best maneuverability to blend well with the awesome swing weight of this paddle.

The Prokennex Black Ace comes in at $250 $225 with this JustPaddles X Slice Partnership Link making it pretty high compared to a lot of the other paddles that come in with better rankings on the site (the paddle industry is extremely competitive at the moment), but I personally think it is well worth it for the power, Prokennex 1 year warranty, and Prokennex Kinetic System, if these are things you're specifically aiming for with a paddle.

I will definitely still be pulling this one out of my paddle bag from time to time, it just won't be in my main competitive rotation.

Prokennex Black Ace Review -

Closing Thoughts:

By now you should know what to expect from the Prokennex Black Ace, but if not I'll be doing my best to round it all up in this section.

So, now you're wondering: well, why would I personally buy it? What would make me want to choose the Black Ace as my new paddle.

Well, I'm glad you asked...

Who should by the Prokennex Black Ace paddle?

Here are some reasons why you would choose the Prokennex Black Ace:

  1. You are a player who loves to drive the ball and play super aggressive with power as the key to your success.
  2. You want the Prokennex Patented Kinetic System that is great for tennis elbow and reducing vibration throughout the paddle.
  3. You love power paddle but don't necessarily like the feel of a Gen2 thermoformed paddle and prefer thinner paddles like the Black Ace. 
  4. You are a player who plays well with extremely light and easily maneuverable paddles that you can whip around and blend in with your aggressive playstyle.

If this doesn't sound like something you'd love, then the Black Ace probably isn't for you.

As I mentioned a few times: I really like this paddle, and I will continue to play with it. I just personally prefer Gen2 thermoformed paddles that have a much different feel.

There are definitely players who like the feel of thinner paddles, or even Gearbox or Selkirk Power Air paddles, that will pick this paddle up and feel right at home.

Prokennex Black Ace Paddle Review

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