Ace Club Pickleball Paddle Review [Power, Control, Spin, Specs]

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Ace Club Pickleball Paddle Review

I love my Ace Spade paddle and the Ace Diamond is the top choice among a ton of pro players (especially for singles) that love a light hard hitting paddle.

Now Ace has come out with the Ace Club paddle that is competing with some of the best Gen2 thermoformed paddles on the market, at an extremely competitive price point.

I recently put out my full Ace Spade paddle review (which is not thermoformed) as well as my top five thermoformed pickleball paddles on the market, and the Ace Club has earned a spot on that list because of it's unbeatable price point with great design.

As you may know, if you read my pickleball paddle reviews, the current pickleball paddle market is extremely competitive, with companies putting out near replicas of each other's paddles in hopes to compete with the latest technology.

The Ace Club is Ace's way of getting into the Gen2 thermoformed market, and they found a way to make a great paddle, at a price point that beats the vast majority of the rest of the market trying to get into this space.

That said, there are still going to be some options that are better for certain players (especially if you're looking to spend a little bit more money), but if you're looking for a Gen2 thermoformed paddle with an elongated shape for just about $115 (with a code, like "THESLICE" for 10% off), then you just found your new paddle.

Ace Club Paddle Specs

PRICE: $129 ($117 with code THESLICE)


MATERIALS: Raw TORAY T700 Carbon Fiber with Honeycomb Polymer Core

SHAPE: Elongated



WEIGHT: 8.1 oz

LENGTH: 16.5 in

WIDTH: 7.5 in




Ace Club Review -

Spec Discussion & Overview:

The first thing I want to add is what we already know: this paddle is made unibody, with thermoforming technology, so we know that it's going to come in durable, poppy and powerful.

It is also elongated with a larger face, though not wide [body], at 16.5 length and 7.5 width, making it have a nice forgiving sweet spot and long body for strong drives and put-aways.

It also has the T700 raw carbon fiber surface that we love with these paddles, making the spin potential right up there with some of the best on the market.

You have a 5.3" handle, which is shorter than the Ace Spade and Ace Diamond, but still long enough for a two handed backhand, and more similar to a Vatic Pro length, if you've played with one.

Ace Club Review Score Chart

Control 87/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
Power 92/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
Spin 93/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
My Opinion 95/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
Price 98/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100

Ace Club Review -

Control Review:

This is not a control paddle.

When you buy a Gen2 thermoformed paddle, you go in expecting it to have more power and pop than another type of paddle.

That said, this one has a good amount of pop and power, without sacrificing too much control. 

You won't feel like you're just simply touching the ball and it's going flying, losing control of your soft game, but it also has enough power and pop to make you feel like you can rip when needed.

If you're looking specifically for a control paddle, you're going to want to check out the best control pickleball paddles on the market, but if you're okay with sacrificing just a bit of that to get a powerful paddle that can generate a ton of spin as well (at an insane price, no less), then you'll want to stick around for the rest of this review.

Ace Club Review -

Power Review:

The power of this paddle doesn't disappoint. 

You'll get the power you expect from a Gen2 thermoformed paddle, especially one that has an elongated face, allowing you to have powerful drives from the baseline, and easy overhead put-away shots to finish points out.

There is also a significant amount of pop that will allow you to win points at the net in hands battles, though it's not too crazy that it'll have you losing control of your soft dinking game.

This paddle isn't in my top five or ten when it comes to an overwhelming amount of power, but, that could be seen as a good thing considering most of those paddles can be hard to control for a lot of players.

This one has a great mix of control, spin, and the ability to generate more than enough of the needed power to drive the ball through your opponent with ease.

Ace Club Pros And Cons

The Pros

Best Gen2 Thermoformed Price Point

Great Power

Good Control and Feel for a Gen2

Great Spin Potential

The Cons

Nothing that stands out enough to make you get it if you already have a thermoformed Gen2 paddle with similar stats.

Ace Club Review -

Spin Review:

Coming in with the Toray raw carbon fiber face, you should know that this one is going to have a ton of spin as well.

Is it the new King Of Spin? No.

But, does it come in within the top dawgs in spin potential? Hell yeah.

You should be able to do whatever you want with the ball when you have this paddle in your hands. Top spin, slice, you name it. It won't be a problem.

Combine that with the elongated face and this one will be generating a significant amount of top spin for even better baseline drives that come diving down as they pass over the net.

Shake and bake, anyone?

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Ace Club Review -

Price & Personal Opinion:

My personal review of this paddle is already high, but once you factor in the price point I can't really say anything bad about it.

The Ace Club comes in at $129 $117 with code "THESLICE" making it one of the best priced Gen2 thermoformed paddles on the entire market, coming from a brand that is quickly making a name for itself in the paddle industry with some incredible paddles and signing top pros to prove it.

I have played with the best paddles on the entire market, well above this price point, and I can easily say that this paddle can hang with the best of them, for far less on your wallet.

Ace Club Review -

Closing Thoughts:

Hopefully be now you know what you're getting with the new Ace Club, but if not, I'll do my best to add some more comparisons and breakdowns for you.

Ace started off with their Ace Diamond and Ace Spade, which immediately made waves in the industry, especially when Gabe Joseph won Gold in singles with his Ace. And now they have decided to launch the Ace Club to compete with the other Gen2 thermoformed paddles on the market. All while doing it at one of the most inexpensive price points we've ever seen among these types of paddles.

So, now you're wondering: well, why would I personally buy it? What would make me want to choose the Ace Club.

Well, I'm glad you asked...

Who should by the Ace Club paddle?

Here are some reasons why you would choose the Ace Club:

  1. You are someone who wants the best priced Gen2 thermoformed pickleball paddle on the market coming from a paddle company that is quickly making a big name for themselves in the industry.
  2. You want an elongated face paddle that can generate tons of spin and power whenever you need it.
  3. You are someone who wants a less expensive paddle that can compete with some of the top dawgs like the Double Black Diamond, Ronbus Pulsars, Volair Mach 1 Forza, and more.

If this doesn't sound like something you'd love, then the Ace Club probably isn't for you.

You can always take my Pickleball Paddle Quiz to find the best paddle specifically for you, or read through more pickleball paddle reviews if you're hesitant; but you definitely can't go wrong with Ace's newest member of their paddle line: The Ace Club.

Ace Club Paddle Review Pickleball

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