Six Zero Black Diamond Power Pickleball Paddle Review [Power, Control, Spin, Specs]

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Six Zero Black Diamond Power Paddle Review

The Six Zero Double Black Diamond [Control] paddle is one of the most sought after paddles on the entire market, so the Black Diamond [Power] sometimes gets overlooked.

I personally LOVE both paddles. They're both in my competitive rotation, which only consists of 3-5 paddles at a time (I test and own countless paddles).

You can read my full Six Zero Double Black Diamond Review to see how that one scores, but I wanted to make sure I got this review up because I know Six Zero will be releasing the Six Zero Amethyst edition of the Black Diamond, which will be Jaume Martinez's Signature Paddle.

If you don't know who Jaume Martinez is, he is one of the best pickleball players in the world, specifically in singles, having taken down some of the world's best players countless times now.

Jaume has been using the Black Diamond Power since he made waves, coming in and putting on a show one the PPA Tour, so if this reviews doesn't solidify the value of this paddle, I think the success Jaume has had with it can speak for itself.

I have so many paddles among our pickleball paddle reviews on the site now, so I also just recently put out our full pickleball paddle stats spreadsheet to go along with the reviews and make it easier for you guys to go through each of my favorites and how I rank them.

That said, I also recommend taking my Paddle Selection Quiz, which is made to help you find the best paddle specifically for you.

Six Zero Black Diamond Paddle Specs

PRICE: $180 ($161 with code THESLICE)


MATERIALS: Proprietary Japanese Raw Composite Material with Honeycomb Polymer Core

SHAPE: Hybrid




LENGTH: 16.3 in

WIDTH: 7.5 in




Six Zero Black Diamond Review -

Spec Discussion & Overview:

The Black Diamond Power paddle comes in with very similar specs to what we're used to seeing from some of the top paddles on the market - especially Gen2 thermoformed paddles with unibody construction.

We have our 5.5" handle, perfect for strong two handed backhands, and our 16.3 length and hybrid shape that gives us plenty of power without sacrificing hand speed at the net.

The one stat that does stand out among the rest, even different than Six Zero's Double Black Diamond paddle, is the fact that the Black Diamond utilizes Proprietary Japanese Raw Composite Material on the face of the paddle, allowing it to consistently come in within the top ten paddles on the market for spin potential and RPM testing.

The price of $180 comes down to $161 with a code like "THESLICE", also making this one extremely competitive among the market for Gen2 thermoformed paddles with similar specs, but Six Zero's testing has paid dividends, because their paddles stand out at the top.

Six Zero Black Diamond Review Score Chart

Control 84/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
Power 93/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
Spin 96/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
My Opinion 94/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100
Price 92/100
Current Progress
Current Progress
Control 95/100

Six Zero Black Diamond Review -

Control Review:

If you want more of a control paddle then the Six Zero Double Black Diamond is going to likely be the better option for you, coming in with more of a plush and soft feel to the face of it - especially for a thermoformed paddle.

That said, if you like a more firm feel to your paddle, then you might prefer the Black Diamond.

You still have quality control with this paddle, it's just not as soft as some people may prefer. 

The tradeoff is the fact that you have both significant power to drive the ball from the baseline, put balls away with overheads and hard smashes, and plenty of pop to speed the ball up, counter quick shots, and more.

So if you're a power player who loves the hit hard, spin when needed, and also have quick hands at the net, with plenty of pop to put the ball away with a quick flick - then this one might be right up your alley.

There's a reason Six Zero calls this one Black Diamond "Power" and their Double Black Diamond "Control"; so don't think you're getting a control paddle with this one. Expect to take a couple games to get used to the feel, but know you have the power to use when it's needed.

Six Zero Black Diamond Review -

Power Review:

The Black Diamond is labeled as Six Zero's "Power" paddle for a good reason.

This paddle can pack a punch.

While some Gen2 thermoformed paddles aim to have a soft and plush feel for players who have a hard time controlling the power that comes with them, this paddle is still controllable, but allows you to feel the power with each swing you take.

It's not hard like a Power Air or Black Ace, but it's more firm than a Double Black Diamond - which I know some players prefer for their speed ups and hands battles at the net.

You'll still be able to dink, and even add some spin to those dinks, but you'll just have to provide a little bit more touch.

That said, when it's time to drive the ball, put a shot away, or speed it up and counter at the net - this paddle will do the work for you.

So if you're a power player that likes to play an aggressive game, but doesn't necessarily want an edgeless paddle that sometimes feels like you're playing with wood, then look no further.

Six Zero Black Diamond Pros And Cons

The Pros

Incredible Power

Good Control and Feel for Power

Amazing Spin Potential

Quick Hands and Great For Aggressive Play

Competitive Price Point

The Cons

A Bit Harder To Control Than Some Other Gen2 Thermoformed Paddles (like Six Zero's Double Black Diamond)

Six Zero Black Diamond Review -

Spin Review:

The paddle market is crazy, with paddle companies looking to compete with each new spec and tech advancement that takes place, and new paddle companies joining the mix every single day.

That said, the Black Diamond still comes in within the top ten to fifteen paddles for spin potential and RPM testing, consistently.

That means, if you're a player who likes to crush the ball with top spin and send it diving over the net at high speed, then the mix of power and spin potential on this one are going to be a match made in heaven.

You'll also have no issue adding slice or even sending some aggressive dinks back at your opponent to go with the mix of aggressive power that this one supplies on command.

I can confidently say that I could give you the Black Diamond and any one of the other top spin paddles on the market and you would not be able to tell me if the Black Diamond is number one or ten on the list, because the stats are that close.

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Six Zero Black Diamond Review -

Price & Personal Opinion:

I love picking up the Black Diamond and playing a bit of a more aggressive game.

While I tend to be a more control player, I do like to switch it up, and I really love what the Black Diamond has done for my speed up game.

For a while I was playing it extremely slow and waiting for a pop up at the net, not adding any aggression to my play and sometimes having opponents that could easily take advantage of that.

With the Black Diamond I can confidently speed the ball up when I want, and counter when needed, with a solid punch block back at the opponents - knowing that ball is being sent with plenty of pop and power to potentially put the ball away.

Coming in at $180 $161 with code "THESLICE" makes the Black Diamond a no brainer for any player that likes an aggressive play style but wants a more standard Gen2 thermoformed paddle to go with that play (rather than a paddle like Power Air or Black Ace that feel more hard/wooden and go for far more money).

Six Zero Black Diamond Review -

Closing Thoughts:

It should be clear why you'd want to choose the Six Zero Black Diamond [Power] paddle as your next paddle, but just in case I lost you somewhere along the way, I'll be breaking down some of the reasons why you'd choose this one.

I personally don't see this one leaving my rotation any time soon. I don't love the feel of the Power Air or Black Ace, and this one provides such good power, and I just really like the difference in feel I get from it, while being able to have such a natural swap to my Double Black Diamond or Volair Mach 1 Forza when I rotate them in.

So, now you're wondering: well, why would I personally buy it? What would make me want to choose the Black Diamond.

Well, I'm glad you asked...

Who should by the Six Zero Black Diamond paddle?

Here are some reasons why you would choose the Black Diamond:

  1. You are someone who likes Gen2 paddles but wants to find one that is the best fit for your aggressive play style.
  2. You like to play with power and plenty of pop, but don't love the feel of paddles like the Power Air or Black Ace because they have a stiff/hard feel to them.
  3. You are an aggressive power player who likes to not only have plenty of driving power from the baseline, but the ability to add plenty of top spin to send the ball diving down as it passes over the net.
  4. You are an aggressive net player who wants to not only have plenty of power all around the court, but also quick hands and pop that allows you to speed up the ball when needed, as well as send back powerful blocks and counters.
  5. You are someone who generally plays aggressive, but you also want the ability to switch up your spin and add top spin aggressive dinks into your game, while finding the right momentst to add slice to mix up your game and your opponents.

If this doesn't sound like something you'd love, then the Nova probably isn't for you.

Like I said above, I'm loving the Ronbus Nova and it is definitely in my main paddle rotation that I play competitive rec games with and adds a new layer to being able to pick up a more control oriented paddle without sacrificing a lot of put away and drive pop and power.

If you're still on the search for the best paddle for you, and this paddle didn't necessarily seem like the BEST option, you can check out my other paddle resources here:

You'll find plenty of other resources on the site, but hopefully these will be helpful in your pickleball paddle journey.

Six Zero Black Diamond Paddle Review

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